One Month of Soylent: Day 2

Another day, another bottle of soylent downed. Here are my experiences from day 2 of my soylent experiment.

Recipe change

That's two whole meals in a glass!

That’s two whole meals in a glass!

As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to make a change to make the soylent a little more thick. I cut the water by a lot and added ice, making the final product something like a thick smoothie. It was probably a bit too thick…it didn’t want to pour through the opening of my shaker cup. But I was able to add more water to it throughout the day to get the consistency right.

Tomorrow will be better, a slight increase in water should be about perfect.

How I felt

After breakfast today I felt satisfied, and didn’t feel like a water balloon. But throughout most of the day I felt rather hungry, and by the time evening rolled around I started to get a bit of a headache. This is expected for the onset of ketosis, but it’s still uncomfortable, and I’m looking into solutions to it. Edit: Looks like it might be a low electrolyte problem, but since the mix is already as salty as I can handle, I’m gonna fix the problem by drinking some chicken broth.

Also, in terms of energy, I felt pretty sluggish most of the day, though I did get myself to the gym for a decent workout.

On the bright side, that probably means ketosis is kicking in, which is a plus.

Daily Status: Day 2

Sleep: 1:15 AM – 9:30 AM (8.25 hours)
Food today: Induction phase ketosis soylent (mixed with 1l water) x3 meals
Distance walked: <1 mile Workout: Inclined machine bench press (10 x 20 lb/arm), Leg press (10 x 90 lb), Rowing machine (765 m), Bicycle kicks (3 sets x 40 reps), Reverse Crunch (19 reps) Weight: 188.6 lb Waist: 34" Hips: 42.75" Feeling: Hungry, headachey, sluggish.

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