5 Months of Tucson

So, it’s official. I am Pennsylvania bound. Some time, in the next few months, I will bid farewell to Tucson, and be on my way to new things. That does not mean, however, that I will forsake the city of my birth! Despite what people may say, Tucson is a great city. It’s quirky, beautiful, and charming. While it may not be a cultural hub like LA, New York, or even Phoenix, it has a unique atmosphere that is equal parts hipster and hippie.

With that said, I will make the most of this town before I move. I will explore all the quirks of the town, take in all the beauty, and fall in love again with this city’s charm. And when the day comes that I move away, I will miss this city fiercely. Over the next five months I will document everything I do that is uniquely Tucson. In the end, I will know what it means to be a Tucsonan!

Here’s a quick list of things I want to do:

  • Los Betos
  • Nico’s Taco Shop
  • Desert Museum
  • Old Tucson
  • Cruise 4th Avenue
  • Party on 4th
  • Eegee’s
  • In-n-Out Burger (Not Specifically Tucson, but regional)
  • Spend a weekend living out of the Tucson Weekly
  • Cafe Poca Cosa
  • Watch movies at the Loft
  • Hike Sabino Canyon, Tanque Verde Falls, Picacho peak, Bridal Falls
  • Geocaching

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